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Do You Have Any Suggestions?

Since posting on how I process certain formats of photos (raw and jpeg), and posting on how I’m now using Photoshop CS6, I feel like I’ve had some good response to those posts, mainly in regard to getting likes on those posts and some new followers to the blog.  So here’s where you come in.  I would like to open things up to you, and use this post as a springboard for any of your suggestions or ideas for topics that I should write about on this blog.  I do have a post in mind, but I would like to have some reader participation, so I know what you would like to read from this blog, so I can better write for all of you.

Also, I’m curious what you would like to see, not only what kind of posts, but also what kind of pages you would like to see here.  By pages, I mean the various tabs you click on in the upper part of the site, just below the banner.  Would you like to see something like a contact page?  Maybe something else, something fun?  I’m open to any suggestions you have.

Your photography friend,