On the Processing of a JPEG

In my post on processing a raw photo, I covered how I process one photo in particular, showing how certain steps affect the photo towards how I want it to look.  I also covered in another post how I like shooting raw better than jpeg, and now shoot exclusively raw.  Today, we’ll cover how I’ll process a jpeg, trying to get the photo to look the way it ended up in the last post.

This jpeg is straight from the camera.  The difference between this jpeg and the raw version, is that in the raw version I started with no adjustments directly from the camera, with the jpeg version, the camera processes the photo before it becomes a jpeg (you’ll find the comparison between these photos in my next post). The camera makes adjustments to the photo to how it would think it will look best, adjusting highlights, shadows, contrast, sharpness, etc.  Basically, even when right off the camera, the photo comes out a little different between raw and jpeg.

And for my first edit, I adjusted the color balance (white balance) to get it looking more towards white, since it was warm out of camera. Cyan/Red -10; Magenta/Green -5; Yellow/Blue +10. I only adjusted the midtones, since adjusting highlights and shadows would make the photo look worse.

For my second and final edit, I adjusted curves, lifting up on the right and pulling down on the left.

Stay tuned for the next post wherein I compare the raw and jpeg photos straight out of the camera, and the final edits of these photos.


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