New camera, Italy, and film noir

I’ve been busy with school lately, and thus have not been able to write much on the blog.  There are a few things I would like to write about today, in which you can tell by the title of this post.

First of which, I have a new camera now.  It’s the Canon T2i.  The main reason for getting the camera would be for the video aspect.  This also ties in with my next reason, which would be for when I go to Italy.  I’ll want to take pictures and do video while I’m there.

Second, I’ll be going to Italy for about two weeks.  It’s a part of my Italian Renaissance class.  I’ll document my time there mainly with pictures, and some video.  I may write a post after I return home from Italy.  If I have sufficient video from Italy, I may post a video to YouTube, talking about my time in Italy.

Third, I’m thinking of doing some film noir with my new camera, since I’ll have much more creative control as far as video goes.  I decided I would do something in the film noir style after seeing some gameplay from LA Noir.  My personal photography style would seemingly lend itself naturally to the film noir style.  The main thing now is to write the story.  I’ll enter the film into my school’s short film competition next year.  After that, though, I’ll probably post it to YouTube.  I’m really looking forward to making this movie.

That is all from me today.  I’ll probably write back after Italy.

Your photography friend, Andrew.


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